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Civic Augmentations for the US

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This is more in the form of a question than anything else. Under the English system Knights of the Garter and other orders have the Garter around the shield of their arms to show they are Knights of whichever order. In the States as all know we do not have Knightly orders to grant such recognitions, but we do have governments that may recognise a person for an outstanding act. These recognitions come in all forms from a "Letter of Commendation" to a plaque or actual medals such as FDNY's Medal Day. Years ago a patient of mine (the guilty shall remain anonymous since HE sent me down this path we call heraldry) suggested that in the States those who have received such laurels should have that acknowledged in their arms. His actual suggestion was one acorn per Life Saving Award. I am not sure why but I am thinking the laurel wreath can be made from oak leaves.The first question is: what are people's thoughts on this?
The second, how would you depict such an augmentation, if that is the correct word?

Please help.

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